Partnership Acquisition Programme

Plan your own future

As a financial adviser, you will be used to securing your clients’ financial security, but it’s important to plan ahead for yourself as well, so that you can realise the full value of the business you have built up over the years, giving you a clear path to exit the profession.

Why not consider the Sandringham Partnership Acquisition Programme to secure your future?

Core principles of the acquisition programme

We believe that the key to successful outcomes for all parties involves thorough planning and preparation.

In agreement with you, we set a future date for the acquisition in advance (we ask advisers to work with us for at least two years) and you will benefit from all the Sandringham services and benefits whilst continuing to advise your clients. The acquisition date marks the stop of your advising activities.

Post-acquisition, you can keep in contact with clients, without providing advice or guidance. Your will receive ongoing payments over three years post acquisition.

A non-disruptive route for your clients

The Sandringham approach means your clients can stay invested in their existing products and won’t be disturbed or uprooted. Your clients will not be forced to disinvest and reinvest assets or re-platform.

As you work with Sandringham in preparation for acquisition, your clients will become familiar with our advice process and our Precision ongoing service.

We respect the well-established relationship you have built up with your clients over the years and the quality of the advice you have given them over this time.

A smooth way of exiting the profession

We understand that you will be looking for an option that realises the true value of your business, in terms on ongoing income from the value of the goodwill you have built up.

Our proposition offers you a transparent payment structure based upon ongoing fees and allows you to make a positive transition professionally and confidently.

Understanding the numbers and achieving optimal value

We will provide you with a personal illustration which explain the financial calculation made in determining the consideration we will pay. We can also provide you with example illustrations.

We are always happy to provide you with a more detailed explanation – our objective is to be clear and unequivocal about the proposition

Next steps

If you are considering an exit from regulated financial advice, your time would be well spent in speaking with Sandringham to see how our refreshing new approach differs.

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