What's driving you to move?

We talk to a lot of independent financial advisers who are not quite happy with their current set up. Their motivations to move are often driven by their desire for a simpler life with less paperwork.

We also find many advisers have been making do with their client proposition and don’t have the time or support to bring it into the digital age.

A robust and repeatable Investment process is critical to running a low risk and efficient practice, and we have helped significant numbers of advisers identify processes which had created high levels of risk in their businesses.

One over arching theme we discover in our early conversations with potential partners is a high level of motivation to grow their practices to meet their personal and business objectives. Often we sense frustration that they aren’t making the changes in their businesses to get to where they want to be.

We understand that moving your business would be a serious commitment. It’s important to know exactly why it may be right for you, and what you need to make a successful change.

In this section you could start by considering some of the key business challenges you face every day – choose one or more from the list.

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