‘The Sandringham Way’ – helping you meet your business objectives

We understand that the road to success is more than propositions. It’s also about helping you to achieve your business objectives and personal goals.

Introducing ‘The Sandringham Way’ = the formula for business success
This is our programme for helping you join Sandringham, on-boarding, then reach your business goals. We combine best practice techniques supported by highly efficient time-saving technology and processes.

Thinking of joining Sandringham? – we’ll work with you to mutually understand your motivations for moving your business. Then, we’ll share our insight into what makes a high performing practice perform.

    • Using the Sandringham four Critical Success Factors, we’ll illustrate where we believe your business performance opportunities may lie.

Using the Sandringham four Critical Success Factors

  • Our ‘Opportunities Analysis Report’ will highlight:
    • The key findings from our initial meeting
    • What it takes to become a ‘high-performing’ business
    • A deeper analysis of the four Sandringham Critical Success Factors – Personal Development, Developing your Business, Client relationships and Mitigation of risk.
    • An introduction to the Sandringham ‘Opportunities for Growth’ planning process – our ongoing approach to working with Partners to help them achieve their business and personal goals.

You’ve committed and you’re on-board – your ‘Opportunities for Growth Plan’ will become active and we’ll support you every step of the way.

It provides a focal point for ongoing business planning and reviews. Our comprehensive support package includes;

  • Ongoing training, coaching, technical skills and personal development.
  • To help you maximise promotional opportunities, we provide a comprehensive ‘Marketing Toolkit’ – a range of useful guides and off the shelf promotional items to help you grow your business.

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