Challenge 3

Is your investment process optimised for your business?

  • How confident do you feel about the investment asset class model that you create?
  • Is your process fully documented and if challenged, could you present a cohesive argument as to the effectiveness of your modelling? (How much you recommend in each of the asset classes).
  • If you are using someone else’s models, how well do you know what sits behind them?
  • Are the assets in your investment asset class models negatively or positively correlated, and do you fully understand the impact of this?
  • How do you demonstrate that your research is up-to-date and considers all of the material facts in determining your investment proposition?
  • What tests will you carry out to ensure that your investment models are efficient and that too great or too little risk has not inadvertently crept into the portfolio?
  • What research do you carry out in deciding which investment funds to recommend to your clients?
  • What benchmarks do you use to check the suitability of the recommended investment funds?
  • Does it continue to satisfy the FCA’s requirements to be RDR compliant?

The Sandringham Investment proposition

At Sandringham, particularly where risk is a factor, we ensure that our recommendations are suitable, proportionate and clearly understood by our clients.

Knowing our clients – we are robust in finding out about our client’s aspirations and needs, including their attitude to risk and capacity for loss.

Choosing the right funds – we offer focused panel investments, meaning we offer our internal research resources directly to our advisers.

Monitor and rebalancing portfolios – an essential part of the risk management process. Our fusion portfolios are rebalanced automatically.

Regular reviews – an annual comprehensive review of investments to check if the portfolios are performing as expected. This is also an opportunity to re-assess a client’s attitude to risk.

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