Challenge 2

 Is your client proposition fit for purpose?

Whilst your advice is the core of what clients need and will pay for, its much more than the advice report that you are delivering. Your customer proposition includes the total customer experience from end to end throughout the long term relationship you wish to build with your clients.

When thinking about your customer proposition, challenge yourself to consider;

  • If it’s not well-defined, it could mean your clients (existing and prospective) won’t fully understand how you propose to help them.
  • If it doesn’t make clients’ lives easy, then it could put them off using you again as well as recommending your services to friends.
  • If it doesn’t demonstrate good value for money, it could make your initial recommendations less attractive, and the take up of your on-going service less likely.
  • If it doesn’t help build long-term relationships, you could be missing out on new revenue opportunities.

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