We’ll help you make a smooth transition

Once your application has been approved, it’s now down to the serious business of a fuss-free business transition.

STEP 1: Pre on-boarding

Dedicated team of experts – our Transitions Team will help you every step of the way, from FCA application submission to transferring client fees.

Pre FCA approval – we’ll help you through the FCA application process and keep you up to date with your progress and ensure the whole team has the information needed to support you.

STEP 2: Time to come on board

Transferring client fees and income – we have comprehensive client transfer processes to move your existing business seamlessly and to avoid interruptions to income streams.

  • Ongoing service agreements – help to migrate any existing ongoing service contacts to Sandringham.
  • Client contact – central administrative support to contact your existing clients explaining your new status as an ‘equity partner within Sandringham’.

Please Note: Unlike other companies, it is not our policy to expect you to transition your clients from any other wealth management portals, investment platforms, or investment strategies, unless your client elects to do so as a direct result of any requirement or benefit from their annual review.

Client data transfer – we can transfer your client data into Enable our state-of-the-art integrated back-office system, so data will be available as of day one of being ready to operate as a Sandringham Partner.

New Partner Induction Course – during your first weeks as a Sandringham Partner we will host a series of immersion events.

  • Integrate you into the business – it is in both of our interests to ensure that you conduct business The Sandringham Way.
  • Meet the support team – people dedicated not only to a smooth transition, but also focused on the development of your business.
  • Implementation managers – will make sure you are ‘business ready’ and able to engage with clients – existing and prospective – to tell and sell the Sandringham story

Technology integration and training – we’ll take you through an ‘installation’ set-up session. We’ll also help with any specific training requirements to get you used to working with the technology you’ll use every day.

  • Enable – our integrated back office system
  • Fusion – the Sandringham Investment platform, Aviva Wrap and Standard Life Elevate
  • Wealth Platform Client Portal

What’s Next?

Your ‘Opportunities for Growth Plan’ can be reviewed and further opportunities for growth identified and put into action. This might be personal training for example, or coaching and marketing activity initiatives.

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