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How will you realise the value of your business? Consider Sandringham

If you’re thinking of selling your IFA business in the near future, you’re certainly not alone. Perhaps the regulatory burden of running your own firm has become too much, or maybe you are looking to capitalise on its value and exit the profession?

A long-term deal for you and your clients

Selling a business can be time consuming and stressful, but it’s important not to focus solely on the financial aspects and the short-term deal – you need to consider the longer-term, both for yourself and your clients.

A better route for smaller businesses

Consolidators are looking to buy, you’re looking to sell – it seems the perfect option. However, this route is unlikely to be an option for a one-person advice firm or smaller business – bigger firms are more attractive to consolidators, as they want to grow their funds under management quickly.

Perhaps you have considered selling to another IFA? If you sell, you need to accept that the buyer will own the business and will have control over any future decision making.

Sandringham offers a better route.

Choose a non-disruptive route for your clients…

Of the criticisms directed at sales to consolidators, the main one appears to be the disruption it causes clients. You will naturally have concerns about the upheaval transitioning your business will have on your clients, and whether the new client proposition matches your own approach to client service.

The Sandringham approach means your clients can stay invested in their existing products and won’t be disturbed or uprooted. Your clients will not be forced to disinvest and reinvest assets or re-platform. We respect the well-established relationship you have built up with your clients over the years and the quality of the advice you have given them over this time.

…and for yourself

Sandringham allows you to realise the value of the business you’ve built up over the years and can offer you a clear path to exit the profession.

Research has shown us that a lot of companies quote big numbers that they will pay advisers for transitioning their business at the outset, but the reality turns out to be something different. We understand that you will be looking for an option that realises the true value of your business, in terms on ongoing income from value of the goodwill you have built up. In all cases, we believe in being upfront and realistic about business figures, rather than promising amounts that can never be delivered.

Sandringham’s proposition

Our proposition offers you a transparent payment structure based upon ongoing fees and if you are choosing to exit the profession, we will manage and support you and your clients along the way.

If you are considering selling your business, why not see how Sandringham’s refreshing new approach differs? Speak to us here

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